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Services and Fees

 Christiana performs a reading for a young couple  Christiana Explains the Cards.
Private Readings
Private readings are available on the telephone, on webcam via Skype, or in your Florida home or office.
Private readings are available in increments of one hour, half hour, and ten minutes.  Occasionally readings longer than an hour are indicated, and custom priced.
Couples Readings
Discover ways to enhance compatibility, address problems, communicate better and enjoy each other more! 
Couples readings are generally an hour, and are priced the same as an individual reading.
 Family Functions and Special Occasions
Graduation parties, showers, Bar and Bat Mitvahs, wedding receptions and other family events are great times to have the best in psychic entertainment.  Your guests will be thrilled and entertained.  Prices are affordable.  Call with your needs and we will make it happen!
House Parties
Gather your friends and family together to experience affordable, insightful, entertaining readings in the comfort of your home or office!
A variety of party packages are available. Hourly rates are also available.
Corporate Entertainment
Offering short, entertaining readings at your next event will keep your guests enthralled, and provide them with an experience that they will never forget!
Private Instruction
Private, semi-private and small group instruction in Tarot is available at affordable prices, from beginner levels to professional. 
 Personal Ritual and Workshops
Women's circles, healing circles and rite of passages ceremonies can be designed for your needs.
 Christiana leads a women's ritual in celebration of the spring.
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