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Christiana is Now Available for Tarot Parties and Psychic Gallery Presentations throughout Florida!

West Palm Beach Office

Christiana maintained an office in West Palm Beach from March of 2008 until the last day of June 2012.
The Harvey Building in Downtown West Palm Beach
It is so important to have a great place to work! When I first arrived in South Florida in March of 2008, I spent a long time looking for just the right space. I found it in the Harvey Building, right in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach.
The Harvey Building, at 224 Datura Street, is one block South of Clematis Street, and one block West of Sunfest Park. My reading room was on the Sixth Floor. I also had access to two great conference rooms, one on the Eleventh Floor and one on the Second Floor, where I held classes and workshops.
Owned by the David Associates, the Harvey Building is an historic landmark. Its sense of style and history is unique, and a stark contrast to the “seen one, seen ‘em all” strip malls that are so prevalent in South Florida.
 My West Palm Beach Reading Room
Unfortunately my schedule no longer permits me the luxury of an office. I will continue to serve my worldwide clientele by Skype and telephone from my home in Lutz, Florida.


sorry you moved-- wondered why we did not see you-- but much success down south!

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