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Join Me at a Meetup!

Tarot Circle in the Poconos


I have always loved teaching, organizing events and hosting classes and workshops.  Perhaps you remember our Wednesday night "Spiritual Night Out" meetings in Putnam, CT from 1998-2000, or workshops at the Radisson New London, King's Inn in Putnam, Comfort Inn in Mystic and other great Connecticut locations from 2000-2007.  Maybe you were lucky enough to attend our wonderful Tarot Circles and rituals at Sylvan Lodge, Shooting for the Moon and other places in Northeastern Pennsylvania from 2004-2008.  Maybe you are one of the many great people I met teaching Tarot through Adult Education programs in Connecticut and Pennyslvania.   Wherever we met, I hope that you enjoyed the workshop, class or circle experience as much as I did!

Since coming to South Florida, I have discovered a great new tool for organizing classes, workshops, rituals and other events at Meetup.com.  Most of the events that I lead or teach are listed on Meetup.com.  Please take a minute and join these groups that I am proud to organize!

Tarot Circle at the Harvey Building


Tarot Circle Meetup Worldwide


Join us for informal Tarot study and fellowship on-line using Webex, and at locations throughout South Florida! 


Florida Tarot Meetup


Join us for informal Tarot study and fellowship on-line using Webex, and at locations throughout South Florida!



West Palm Beach Spiritual Growth MeetupSpiritual Growth Meetup Celebrates Litha!


Join us on-line and at locations throughout South Florida for workshops and events!


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