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78 Poems Project

Apprenticeship and mastery, growing, always learning
Skill to plan and dream and do, creating and discerning.
Committed to the task and connected to the Earth
Work is woven in the circle of life, death and rebirth.
It is now and always has been, since the world was made
Fame and fortune follow those who flourish in their trade.

Opposites in union pull forward
Directed not by hand but by will.
The power of myth and the power of mind
The hero is traveling still.

Transportation and transformation
A singular vision and quest.
The warrior speeds commanding his steeds
Envisioning total success.

Swift motion and great calculation
Under the cover of stars.
Mastery conquering mystery
Whether ordeals or journeys or cars.

Water poured from cup to cup, and metal turned to gold
Sorrow turned to patience, and ego turned to mould.

One foot on the water, another balancing on land
Not a drop is spilt by the angel's gentle hand.

Caution guards the recipe, stirring grace with balance
Art and time make alchemy with these select ingredients.

Change forged of disappointment, mingling with hope
Built on tragic lessons learned that gave us skill to cope.

Expectation and assumption gone, accepting what will be
Still the angel blends the cups, creating perfectly.

Perfect are the cups' contents, and perfect is the measure
And perfect are the woes and joys, blended into treasure.

A child in bright innocence rides on a brilliant steed

Complete within himself there is nothing more to need

No vestments, saddle, bridle, reins to stay upon the horse

No doubts or worries dull his glow, neither anger, shame, remorse.


One red plume adorns him as he rides toward destiny

Leaving behind the garden of walled security.

What hand will rush to catch him, should he start to fall?

In the power of his happiness, there is no fear at all.


The sun provides the nourishment, warmth and growth and light

The sun supports the child, whose shine is just as bright

To influence the sunflowers, by purpose or by whim

Instead of turning toward the sun, the flowers all face him.


The soldier keeps his vigil, though he appears at rest.

He is a patient guardian, strong and able for the test.

No need to seek a battle that may never come

His battle is within now, until the war is done.

His duty is to wait, to conserve and to defend

To stand long at his post, his battle scars to mend.

With the knowledge of the Hermit he awaits what might arise

And values now diplomacy; his wounds have made him wise.





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