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Christiana is Now Available for Tarot Parties and Psychic Gallery Presentations throughout Florida!

Welcome to Tarot by Christiana

Call 561-655-1160 now to schedule your reading, house party, private instruction or psychic gallery!

I am Certified Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet.  From my home in Lutz, Florida I serve a worldwide clientele.  I am available for private readings, house calls and psychic parties throughout Florida.  I offer private readings and instruction by telephone and Skype. I also provide a series of webinars using the Cisco Webex meeting platform.

A reading with me is insightful and powerful.  To each reading I bring my extensive knowledge of Tarot, my natural intuitive and spiritual talents, and more than twenty-five years of serious study and experience. 

While every reading is a unique experience, each client can expect to receive a new perspective on their past, a deeper understanding of self  and loved ones (both living and passed), a clear agenda for personal and professional development, and a vision for goals and options for their future.

I perform every reading with respect for each person's spiritual orientation, lifestyle choices and cultural perspective.  I strive to bring compassion, humor, and a positive message to each reading.

I am happy to provide readings, private instruction, psychic house parties, learning parties, and psychic entertainment at corporate and charity events.  I am a popular speaker at business meetings, women's groups, and student events.  I have an extensive background in radio, and have appeared many times on television. 

Books for the Beginner or Professional Tarot Enthusiast

Fortune Stellar and Tarot Tour Guide from Jupiter Gardens PressMy first book, Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know, is now available from Jupiter Gardens Press. It is available in soft cover print copy or as an Ebook. This is an important book for serious tarot students, tarot professionals and other dedicated metaphysical practitioners who count tarot amongst their tools for introspection.

My second book, Tarot Tour guide: The Four Elements and Your Spiritual Journey has just become available.  Tarot Tour Guide is available at your favorite bookseller in a large paperback format or in an electronic format to enjoy on your e-reader.  Tarot Tour Guide is the perfect book for anyone interested in tarot.  It includes new tarot spreads, new ways to use the cards, information about tarot magick, meditation, divination and more! 

New Recording Formats!

If you get a half or full hour reading by telephone or Skype I will send you a recording of the reading. Now you have new choices in the recording format!

You can get a copy your Skype or telephone reading in the mail on a standard CD that you can play in any CD player. In addition I can make a CD holding the MP3 version of your reading. You can then load the reading into your smart phone or tablet, or play it back on your computer!

If you just can't wait for the mail I will send you a link to download the MP3 recording. The recording is packed into a password protected ZIP file for PC users, or a SITX file for MAC users. If you need a ZIP file reader I recommend the free 7-Zip. It is open source and available for Windows and Linux. MAC users can download and install the free version of Stuffit Expander to unpack the SITX file.

If you choose to have a Skype reading you can get the video recording of the reading! I can mail a DVD containing the file in MP4 format or you can download it from the web. Watch the reading on your TV, PC, smartphone or tablet!


Skype LogoSkype Readings Explained

Skype is a free video and voice calling service. Many people use Skype already to chat with their friends and family. If you don't already have Skype you will need a computer with a microphone or webcam to install it. Skype might also work on your smartphone, tablet or even your television! Follow the simple instructions to see if your device is supported, and to install Skype.

After installing Skype, add my Skype name tarot.radio to your contacts.

You can call 866-998-2768 or Skype me to make your appointment. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the program before the reading to prevent any possible problems. You don't need a webcam to see me, and you can turn off your webcam if you prefer not to be recorded. Be sure to have your email address handy so I can send you a link to your recording after your reading. Make sure Skype is running at the time of your reading and I will call you!

Older systems may not work as well as newer ones. If you need a webcam Skype recommends Logitech HD Webcam C270 avaliable on Amazon.

I can't wait to see you!



I am LBGTQ & Poly Friendly

My dear aunt used to say that it would be a pretty boring world if we were all the same. In my years as a full-time tarot reader, I have learned that there are many ways in which we truly are unique, and a few ways in which we are indeed all the same.

The clear way in which we are all the same is this. We all love. We all need to be loved, and we all need to love others.

A tarot reading with me is a great tool to sort out the complexities of relationships, be they romantic, familial, professional or friendship.

Relationships can become even more complicated because of this simple fact. One of the ways in which we are not all the same is in our sexual identity.

I am uniquely gifted to be able to serve LBGTQ & Poly clients with the same compassion, efficacy and positive results as I do my heterosexual clients. Whether your issues involve solving relationship problems, finding love, improving communication or understanding your own sexual identity or the identity of a loved one, I have the tools and skills to help.

Over the years, I have been a psychic entertainer at gay and lesbian nightclubs. I have donated my skills to AIDS fundraisers and have presented at festivals catering to the polyamorous community.

As an ordained minister, I have officiated at many civil union, commitment and wedding ceremonies.

No matter your orientation, my relationship goal for you in a reading remains the same. My goal is that you become able to recognize and remove every obstacle that keeps you from loving yourself, and that keeps you from being able to enjoy positive relationships that enhance your life.


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